SEKA. Industrial Prick Choker – NEW

SEKA. Industrial Prick Choker – NEW


New Round of WASTELAND is here, we got some new spikey accessories over there

This fun choker comes with:

★ a HUD that lets you customize your new item a bit easier

★ Each pack comes with ALL the colors,you get to mix and match parts and create your own fun colorful spikey vibe

With the HUD you can easily:

  • change the Main Collar (11 colors)
  • mix ‘n match Spikes ( 11 colors)
  • change the metals ( Light,Dark,Gold-ish)
  • change the front Buckle ( Light,Dark,Gold-ish)
  • add Glow to the metals
  • TINT all the parts

★ The item is MODIFY in case you wish to delete scripts,remove materials etc..

★ The item is your standard UN-Rigged attachment, it has a Resize script that helps you adjust it to your avatar easier,just click on it and use the MENU

★ RLV Peanut No.9 Version is Included


Available @WASTELAND




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