SEKA. Cutie Chain Skirt – NEW

SEKA. Cutie Chain Skirt – NEW


Just a simple cute skirt that might get pulled down soon! Who knows, you figure Waifu you are the KINKY one :p

These fun skirts come with:

★ a HUD that lets you customize your new item a bit easier

★ Each color pack comes with 2 looks to give you some different styling options

With the HUD you can easily:

  • change the MAIN texture (2 colors)
  • mix ‘n match the WAIST ( 8 colors )
  • change the Chain (Light, Dark, Gold-ish)
  • mix ‘n match the Hearts ( 8 colors)
  • add GLOW to Hearts and make it stand out more
  • add Transparency to skirt and expose those cutie cheeks! and more wink wink
  • TINT all the parts and find your own intense shade

★ FATPACK comes with all the Main textures and everything else

★ it’s MODIFY (if you wish to tint more, remove scripts, etc..)

★ a rig for LEGACY,MAITREYA+ LaraX ,Inithium KUPRA + KUPS , Inithium KHARA, eBODY Reborn


Available @KINKY




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