Ecru Couture. Thera – NEW

Ecru Couture. Thera – NEW

Ecru Coutu

We are very proud of be sponsors of Reborn, and we decided to prepare one of our signature laces dresses for the occasion. Thera is the essence of elegance and you can find in exclusive by Reborn event!

Thera is Designed for Maitreya Lara X, Petite X, Legacy Regular, Perky/Petite, Reborn Classic and Waifus!

Demo also available at Mainstore

PS: Only avatars are AI enhanced in the Ads (none of them has been harmed!). Clothes and accessories are right as you can see inworld…try demo!

Perfect matches:

Sky – SIGMA/ Long stone pendant necklace

Praz – SIGMA/ Floral metal choker

Ari -SIGMA/ Heart gem pendant

All available at Sigma Mainstore



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