Hi Enjoy. UNI Rage – New way to play! – NEW

Hi Enjoy. UNI Rage – New way to play! – NEW

Hi Enjoy

Welcome to UNI: The Game that Will Turn Your World Upside Down!
– Love UNO? Get ready for a revolution in Second Life with UNI!
– Dynamic Duo: Play as a team, feel the synergy, and crush it with your friends in 2v2 mode. Oh, and the best part? You can see each other’s cards! It’s like you’re connected by UNIversal telepathy!

In double mode, if one wins, both win, creating a unique and exciting shared victory experience!
– Two Modes of Pure Fun: Choose between the classic and thrilling 2v2.
UNI ensures double the fun, whether you prefer the traditional game or love a more strategic team approach!

– Stress-Free REZ: Don’t worry about setting up complicated tables! With UNI, just call your friends, open the game, and start the fun. No complications, just laughs and strategic moves.

– Shareable HUD: Share your HUD with anyone!
– Play Anywhere in Second Life: Want to play on the beach, in the park, or even on top of a mountain? With UNI, Second Life is your playground, and the game goes with you wherever you go!

– From 2 to 4 Players: Call your friends or make new ones! UNI supports 2 to 4 players, ensuring the party never stops, no matter the size of your group.
– Extreme Fun Alert: UNI is not just a game; it’s a social experience! Invite your friends, form unbeatable teams, and dive into a world where UNO rules are reinvented in a UNIversal style!
– UPDATES (Free updates forever and for everyone!) :
– You can now disable or set a new time for the player timer. – Define whether it is necessary to shout UNI to play the last card or not.