Beauty Factory. Rosalia Outfit – NEW

Beauty Factory. Rosalia Outfit – NEW

Beauty Factory

⚠Beauty Factory x faMeshed⚠

✨ Proudly introducing the Rosalia Outfit, specially crafted for our lovely BeautyGirls and exclusively available at faMeshed! 🌟 For sporty gals who crave unique and exclusive items, our Fatpack is an explosion of emotions! 💖

Featuring exclusive prints and a variety of textures, our sweatshirt is the favorite, with charming details on the hands that add all the allure. The OMG Top is perfect for customization, offering solid textures, fishnet, and exclusive patches available only in the fatpack, ensuring a completely distinctive look.

And let’s not forget about the shorts, a true object of desire! With delicate wrinkles detailing the booty, it elevates the sensuality of your body even more. This set is simply irresistible and will make you fall in love at first sight! 💋✨

Don’t miss the chance to slay in this sexy sporty ensemble. Be part of this world of style and attitude! ️✨ #RosaliaOutfit #Fashionista #SexySet #SportyStyle #irresistible

Fatpack Exclusive Features:

🌈 36 colors

🎨+exclusive prints Sweatshirt

🎨+Fishnet + patches Top

️Mix & Match to create your signature style!

⚠Outfit sold separately

📌 Perfectly fitted for:

Legacy – Lara X – Reborn/Waifu – Kupra.



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