SEKA. NinjaTech Boots – NEW

SEKA. NinjaTech Boots – NEW


Mainframe Event is back and opening in a bit! Its anniversary brings a bunch of new Cyber and in theme goodies, along with a bunch of free GIFTS so it’s definately worth checking out

If you liked the Raptor Stomper,these less chaotic but still very badass cousin boots might grab your interest

These fun boots come with:

★ a HUD that lets you customize your new item a bit easier

★ Each color pack comes with 3 looks / textures, allowing for a bit or variety when creating your cyber looks

With the HUD you can easily:

  • change the Main Boot texture ( 3 colors)
  • change the Sole colors ( 3 colors/textures )
  • change the Stripes ( 8 colors )
  • change the Puller detail (8 colors)
  • change the Cap (16 colors)
  • change the Zipper and Valves individually ( dark,light,Gold-ish )
  • turn Valves ON/ OFF
  • add Glow and FULLBRIGHT on the Stripes and make them stand out in the night and special windlights
  • TINT ALL the parts and find your perfect shade!

★ FATPACK comes with all the Main textures and everything else, and since you have all the colors now you can also Mix ‘n Match the MAIN and SOLE

and create some super fun colorful looks

  • DON’T FORGET! as with all SEKA Items you dont necessarily need a fatpack to get to mix more, for example,

having only 2 color packs etc will still allow you mix and match between those 2 color HUDs as well

★ it’s MODIFY (if you wish to tint more, remove scripts, etc..)

★ a rig for LEGACY Female + Male ,MAITREYA+ LaraX ,Inithium KUPRA , Inithium KHARA, eBODY Reborn, Belleza JAKE


Available @MAINFRAME (opens today)




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