Ayashi. Advent Calendar – GIFT

Ayashi. Advent Calendar – GIFT



🎁How to join the holiday fun:
🎉1. Become a VIP member for just 500L$ and enjoy exclusive access to the daily delights.

🎉2. Visit us daily to claim your special gift – because who doesn’t love a daily dose of joy?

🎈 Remember, punctuality is key! Arrive on time to snag your present. If you miss a day, fear not! You can still catch up by purchasing the missed day’s gift for just 99L$.

🎇What’s more:

🎄All past gifts are up for grabs, except for the current day’s surprise.

🎄Feast your eyes on the stunning display showcasing all the wonderful gifts right next to the calendar.

🎄Make this holiday season truly memorable with Ayashi Store’s Advent Calendar. Join the VIP group, mark your calendars, and let the festive countdown begin!

Taxi to [^.^Ayashi^.^]

p the Magic: Days 1-9 of Ayashi Store’s Advent Calendar will reveal festive surprises from December 1st to 9th!🎁
🎈Join the celebration for a sneak peek at the enchanting gifts that will await you each day.

🎈 Discover all the delightful presents in the image to come!



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