Phedora. Jonho Unisex Loafers – NEW

Phedora. Jonho Unisex Loafers – NEW


Phedora. – “Jonho” Unisex Loafers NEW RELEASE at Alpha Event ♥

The ultimate dad shoe? Nerdy & preppy Ivy League school shoe? Comfy and casual to wear when you go grocery shopping? Whatever it maybe be, these will be your new “go-to”! Our “Jonho” Unisex Loafers come with our 28 colors hud,Parts Individually Changeable, 100% MESH, Rigged for Anatomy, Ebody Reborn, Belleza F & Jake, Inithium Kupra & Kario, Legacy F & M, Sign. Gianni & Maitreya!

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