.:.Pariah.:. Marmoreal Tattoos – NEW

.:.Pariah.:. Marmoreal Tattoos – NEW


Pandora is back, my Pariahs! Marmoreal is a beautiful full-body tattoo to create that marble-like look you are craving. You get four different tattoo styles: Black, Gold, Silver, and White. Marmoreal is both in BoM tattoo layers, as well as tattoo+material and shine appliers for Legay, Maitreya, Belleza, Inithium, and Reborn bodies. There is also an applier with materials and shine for Evo X. In addition, I’ve added a body tint to help complete your look.

While you’re checking this out, make sure you check out Be My Mannequin? located right next to my booth at Pariah. We have collaborated once more, and BMM? has the perfect poses to go along with Marmoreal! Happy shopping, Pariahs! 😀

Pandora starts the 19th!

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