BETRAYAL. Blanca Outfit – NEW

BETRAYAL. Blanca Outfit – NEW


We present the Blanca Outfit at this round of Tres Chic! Blanca is the perfect ensemble for the baddie who isn’t afraid to take risks. This leather look consists of a jacket, skirt, tube top, bag (free group gift) and super hot Blanca tower boots that also comes in with a Maze Soft Thighs option for a plushed, squeezed look ^_^

Blanca is fitted for Reborn, Mounds, Kupra, Legacy, and GenX. The Blanca boots have an additional fit for Maze Soft Thighs.

Blanca Bag is a free group gift that comes in 13 colors and 2 bento hold poses (hand & shoulder).

Come by Tres Chic today and Try a Demo 🙂

5000L$ Exclusive YOUTUBE Giveaway😋




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