Statistic Site. March 6th 12th

Statistic Site. March 6th – 12th

Statistic Site

This week, we recorded a record number of visitors to our site!

We are thrilled with these encouraging results and hope that this trend will continue in the coming weeks. We thank all of our visitors for their engagement and interest in our site. Please feel free to provide us with your comments and suggestions to continue improving the experience of our visitors.

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Cloudflare source

Social Networks

We are happy to present our presence on social media! We have over 90,000 subscribers on our different accounts, and we have recorded an average of 30,000 views within 24 hours for each publication.

Our publications cover a wide range of subjects related to Second Life and are intended to inform, entertain, and engage our online community. We take pride in publishing quality content and interacting with our subscribers proactively.

We are very active on social media and regularly publish each article from the Media SL website. If you want to keep up with our latest publications and stay in touch with us, don’t hesitate to follow us on our different accounts. We are excited to welcome you to our online community!


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