ZAKER. Fashion Week Runway – NEW DECOR

ZAKER. Fashion Week Runway – NEW DECOR


I’m happy to present you the Fashion Week Runway and all the Backstage accessories as new release for Très Chic!

  • The runway got 24 benches that can support 2 avatars each, so 48 avatars in total but I also included a separate bench if never you would like to add more seats. The all building is 152Li
  • Runway bench (Single animation & 2 sitters) 2Li

The backstage accessories included :

  • Backstage studio backdrop 6Li
  • Backstage Makeup table 1Li
  • 3 different Cothes rack with 3 different looks (5-7Li)
  • Backstage Chairs (1 is decor with a folded pants on it 1Li & the other one have single animations 2Li)

everything is copy/modify

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