SEKA’s Raptor/Glitch Stomper – NEW

SEKA’s Raptor/Glitch Stomper – NEW


SEKA’s Raptor/Glitch Stomper @MAINFRAME
These Unisex Chunky boots will be @MAINFRAME , for both CyberGirls AND CyberBoys o/

Go dark edgy, or super bright crazy, or kawaii pastel, every Cyber is good Cyber!

They come with:
★ a fun HUD that lets you customize and create your own fun Cyber look
★ Each color pack comes with 3 looks / textures, allowing for a bit or variety when creating your cyber looks

With the HUD you can easily:

  • change the Main Boot texture ( 3 colors/textures)
  • change the Sole colors ( 16 colors/textures )
  • change the Straps (each in 8 colors )
  • change the Horns (8 colors)
  • change the wire colors ( 16 colors )
  • turn Glowy Effect ON/ OFF
  • turn Horns ON / OFF
  • turn USB wire ON / OFF
  • adjust the Glow amount on the Effect
  • TINT ALL the parts and find your perfect shade!

★ FATPACK comes with all the Main textures and everything else, and since you have all the colors now you can also Mix ‘n Match the back (camo texture) of the boot now, for even more color combos

  • DON’T FORGET! as with all SEKA Items you dont necessarily need a fatpack to get to mix more, for example,
    having only 2 color packs etc will still allow you mix and match between those 2 color HUDs as well

★ The item is MODIFY in case you wish to delete scripts or tweak more
★ BOM ALPHA foot hide MUST be worn with these, and it is INCLUDED with both DEMO and the Packs
( the boot was not modeled on any SL foot shape, I wanted to create a bit realistic worn chunky look so they naturally bend and do not follow
perfectly straight flat SL foot shape, you can also hide your feet trough your Mesh Body HUD, whatever works better for you)
★ The item is Rigged to fit most (mainstream) FEMALE and MALE bodies

Tested on Legacy Female, Legacy Male, Maitreya, Slink Hourglass, Belleza FREYA, Inithium KUPRA, eBODY Reborn, Signature Gianni, Belleza JAKE

(it is possible it can be worn on other bodies too, Please Try out the DEMO and see)

The Boot reacts to your SL FEET SIZE, for chunkier (massive) look you might have to adjust your SL shape and Increase your feet size

★ I added both Tight and slightly ”Wider” fit around the Leg, in case you want to wear them with some tight fitted pants (Try the DEMO and test it)
★ Un – Rigged with a Resize Script is INCLUDED (adjust it to your need)
★ MATERIALS – Item contains special material textures that give the fabric/shine feels on High and Ultra Graphics
Available @MAINFRAME (starting 20th)

1k Giveaway exclusif YOUTUBE every week !😋



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