You are an event owner in Second Life and you would like to have a high visibility at the best price?


This suscription offer have been created to make you win time and simplify the regular purchasing of advertising in Media SL website at an interesting price.


⭐ Peace of mind. No need to worry about making the payment on each due date

⭐Managing your budget by spreading out your expenses

⭐ rate and guaranteed to have the best price

⭐ Services included ⭐

1 – 728X90 advertising banner placed at the top and bottom of the Media SL home page during the entire month of subscription.

2 – FEATURED EVENTS advertising banner 300X250 placed on the right column for the entire month of subscription.

3 – We will make a video presentation of your event

4 – We will publish your event on https://media-sl.com and on all our social networks on the opening day in the “events” category, a member of our team will take pictures of all the sellers presented in your event.

Social media-sl networks where your event will be published:
The largest Second Life community
https://media-sl.com/social-networks + 60,000 followers

⭐ Price:
3000 $ L per month only!

⭐ This subscription must last at least 2 months
If your event is not monthly, the subscription will be used for two openings of your event.

We only accept two-month subscriptions, if your event is annual or other than monthly or bi-monthly you have the right to submit your event a second time with the same transaction number
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Not required
Advertising Banner URL
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Advertising Banner Header 728 x 90 placed at the Media SL homepage
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300 x 250 advertising banner placed on top of the right column

For two months

Payment by Paypal
USD 24.00
Payment by Secondlife
6,000 LS
go to the activity of your paypal account you will find the transaction noumero
If your Event changes the TP logo date you must fill out this form again and therefore the transaction number Enter your initial number for the subscription period.

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