On June 6, 2009, I founded my first account to trade in the world of Second Life. There was a lot to discover, to learn new things and to have fun. I liked that. So I spent many many hours in Second Life, got to know new people, played roleplay sims and at some point I had my first own Sim. Wow I was proud … but I never forgot the real life. I liked the Roleplay.

Organizing, decorating was my thing! It is so today. I entered the world of creation about 3 years ago. I tried around here and around and I can say that I managed to build a business in Second Life. You just have to stick to what you are doing, at some point the moment comes when you can say: ” yes, I have achieved it ” There is a lot of work and time in it.

Once you reach the goal, you set new goals.

I did that too. Let yourself be surprised 🙂



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