101L Event upcoming

🕘 Start date: 19th month 🔶 End date: 13th month 🕘

101L Event is held every
19th of the month



With the support of brands like Cheerno, Varsity, Cordewa, Madame Noir , *PosESioN* Accessories, Immortuos, Lilithium Cinphul, Posesion Productions presents the new event “The 101L Event”.

In The 101L Event you would find a great selection of Dark creations low cost. Every round designers will offer in the event a creation at 101L and some other creations with the 50% discount. The 101L creations could be new or old creations but always at the same price 101L,

The theme of the event is always the same, Dark Style, so you can offer you old creations in Dark style or just retexture you old creations according to the event them.