Off-Line x Roslyn. Trevor Project – SALE

Off-Line x Roslyn. Trevor Project – SALE


“Off-Line” and Roslyn. have joined forces this Pride Month with a shared vision of driving meaningful change. Together, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals. In a heartfelt effort, we pledge to donate a remarkable 75% of the net proceeds generated from our Pride items to the Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project, a leading organization in LGBTQ+ mental health and suicide prevention, provides crucial support to young people in need. With their 24/7 helpline, online community, and educational resources, they create a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth facing adversity. By directing our support towards the Trevor Project, we aim to amplify their life-saving work and empower individuals to embrace their true selves.

This collaboration signifies our unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity and celebrating the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. Through our partnership, we hope to make a tangible impact by not only raising awareness but also contributing to the vital services offered by the Trevor Project. Join us this Pride Month as we come together, stand proud, and work towards a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

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