SEKA. Screen/D Neck – NEW

SEKA. Screen/D Neck – NEW


This Choker Comes with:

★ The item comes as a FATPACK by default, you can play with all the colors! And create your own colorful cyber vibe

With the HUD you can easily:

  • mix ‘n match the Plates ( 9 colors )
  • mix ‘n match the Back Straps ( 9 colors )
  • mix ‘n match the Wire ( 9 colors )
  • change Metals (Light, Dark, Gold-ish)
  • add GLOW and Fullbright to the Wireand make it stand out in special Windlights
  • TINT all the parts and find your own intense shade

★ There are bunch of Animated Texts and Images that are playing on the your Plate ( they are the same ones from the Screen/d item series), to Switch those up,glow them up,tint, or simply turn them off Please attach the ANI HUD

★ Peanut RLV Scripted Version is INCLUDED, in case you want to have more fun with it ( wink wink )

★ it’s MODIFY (if you wish to remove scripts, etc.. don’t forget to COPY first)

★ This Item is your Standard UN-RIGGED attachable, it has a Resize Script to help you adjust it better

5000L$ Exclusive YOUTUBE Giveaway😋




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