SEKA. FiberTech Top – NEW

SEKA. FiberTech Top – NEW


Back to Cyberville with another glowy Item

This time we are wrapping the booba into this Techy Glowy Top with Texts but don’t worry, we staying skimpy and naughty even in our bestest cyber look!

These fun Tops come with:

★ 2 fun HUDs for easier customization

★ Each color pack comes with 3 textures > Looks for the Main Top

With the MAIN HUD you can easily:

  • change the MAIN top texture (3 colors/ looks)
  • mix ‘n match the edges (9 colors/ looks)
  • mix’ n match the Strap (9 colors/looks)
  • mix’ n match the nipple Patches (10 colors/looks)
  • change the metals ( dark,light,gold-ish )
  • add Glow and FULLBRIGHT to the edge to make it stand out more in Dark Windlights etc
  • turn Strap ON/OFF (don’t forget to turn off the Ani Txt in the ANI HUD as well and expose the booba!)
  • TINT all

With the ANI HUD you can easily:

  • change the Txt (there is some color/text variations, check them all out!)
  • add Glow to the animation and make it stand out more
  • TINT and find your perfect shade
  • turn the Ani ON/OFF

★ FATPACK comes with all the Main textures and everything else

★ The item is MODIFY in case you wish to delete scripts or tweak more

★ a rig for LEGACY + Perky , MAITREYA + Petite + Flat ,Inithium KUPRA + KUPS A,B,Flat ,eBODY Reborn

★ MATERIALS – Item contains special material textures that give the fabric/shine feels on High and Ultra Graphics

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