Flamingos. Candy Hunt 2023

Flamingos. Candy Hunt 2023


♥ It’s time to meet our new space, girls! But the new store was built with so much sweetness that some sweets ended up getting lost there, we count on your help to find them!

Go to the new store, take a note with all the tips from the reception banner and good hunting! It’s all Free! (preview of the prizes in the previous image)

Follow the hints:

Hint 1: Babs Johnson is hiding something in her lunch

Hint 2: So this is where I should leave my suggestions.

Hint 3: The dust on top of love

Hint 4: Toys, looks like fun to taste here

Hint 5: I can learn here some lines to catch a new love.. and these machines work!

Hint 6: I should try on my bikinis here, but there’s a pink duck swimming around…

Hint 7: Carry my bags, I’ll leave here with lots of new clothes.

Hint 8: Hmmm does that solve my urgency?

Hint 9: Tucked in like my stomach when I see my ex.

Hint 10: Somewhere over the rainbow…

5000L$ Exclusive YOUTUBE Giveaway😋



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