A little touch of blue – BLOG

A little touch of blue – BLOG

Mortisha BlackSoul Noctis

💙 Clover // Envy Pipe

You smoke? Then is this great Pipe for you a must have. You can hold it in your hand or in your mouth. 10 Shapes are included: Heart, O, Cross, Upside down cross, ship, Dollar sign, Infinity, Eye, Moon, Peace. The Smoke colours are: Black, Beige, White, Red, Purple, Pink, Green, and Cyan. Pipe metals: Rose, silver, black, vintage, gold, bronze. Pipe gem colours: Rainbow diamond, diamond,magic crystal, ruby, frost, emerald, sapphire, pink, onyx, aqua, sunset, and fae. Really a lot of options to make your Pipe and smoke unique.

You like it…..so jump to the LEVEL Event, which ends January 24, 2022 and get it yours. You will love it ♥



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