SEKA’s CutiePoo Leashgrab – NEW

SEKA’s CutiePoo Leashgrab – NEW


This sweet colorful Leash Holder comes with:
★ a fun HUD that lets you customize easier
★ The pack includes all the colors/textures, allowing you to customize and mix and match your new yummy accessory to your needs!

With the HUD you can easily mix ‘n Match and switch around 9 yummy bright colors for the Main Belt, Stripe(accent) and Metals.

You can also change the gummy bear color combos and switch those around a bit too, as well as TINT all parts or turn FULLBRIGHT ON / OFF for the

gummies to make them stand out more in dark windlights or different environments

★ The Leash Holder is your standard Un-Rigged SL accessory, it comes with a resize script, it attaches to either LEFT or RIGHT hand (both Versions Included) and animates

your Avatar into one of the Hold variations (5 variations)

★ It contains RLV Peanut Collar System Script which is compatible with both Peanut and OpenCollar Scripts ( it means it attaches to a Collar or an Item that already has

those Scripts inside)

★ Comes with or without cute colorful Particles saying ”MINE” , just for fun

★ it’s MODIFY (if you want to remove scripts,materials, add glow , etc etc)

★ MATERIALS – Item contains special material textures that give the fabric/shine feels on High and Ultra Graphics



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