SEKA’s Censored Booba – NEW

SEKA’s Censored Booba – NEW


SEKA’s Censored Booba @The Inithium Event
Sometimes you just want to let it all hang out but not get in trouble >.<
Tired of getting banned cause of the Evil Nipple? NO WORRIES! This Animated Pixelated Booba nipple cover got you!
Simple Rigged Pixelated Ani that attaches and Censors with ease!

Preview Example 1 >>> Click HERE
Preview Example 2 >>> Click HERE

Comes with:

★ a fun HUD that let you customize the item easier
★ With the HUD you can easily :

  • change main texture (8 colors)
  • change the Transparency of the Ani for better blend
  • turn LEFT / RIGHT ON or OFF, sometimes we wear lifted tops and various things that expose the boobie, this way you can Censor that one and be on your way!
  • TINT and make sure you find the perfect match!

★ it’s MODIFY (if you wish to tint more, remove scripts, etc..)
★ a rig for LEGACY + Perky, MAITREYA + Petite + Flat, Slink HOURGLASS, Belleza FREYA, Inithium KUPRA + KUPS (flat too) , eBODY Reborn



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