Cherish Family Community and RP Township – Place

Cherish Family Community and RP Township – Place

Cherish Family Community

new second life community and township

Cherish Family community and Township.

Cherish Family Township is currently accepting applicants to join our RP community.

all species welcome. Human, furry, fairy, dwarf, centaur, scaley, elf, alien, If I did not list you, I apologize there are too many to list them all, but you are welcome also.

This is a family friendly RP and families are encouraged to join but we also love to have single individuals also. it is a mixture of culture and variety that make a strong community. when everyone can come together and accept everyone for their character and moral fiber rather casting judgment on others because of culture differences. I want to create a world where everyone is accepted, and no one is judged for what they prefer to RP as. If you want to RP as a child, a furry, an alien, or a fictional fantasy character than you can RP as you wish without judgment from others. Maybe you like to switch between species like a shape-shifter, a furry one day or a vampire the next, this is ok you can be who you like here.

To me a community is there to support their members whether it be from an issue here in SL or you need someone to talk to about something in real, a community will be there to help give you the strength and help you need to get through it. a community celebrate your accomplishments and encourages your dreams. but a community can also let you know if you are being too hard on someone.
a community accepts you for your differences and faults and helps you become a better person.

let us prove to the real world that so many different people and characters can live together and support one another. If we can do it here in second life, we can do it in real. let us set aside all differences, and all race and come together as a community of individuals.

Cherish township offers a variety of RP positions you can take on. I would like to establish this community to function a lot like a real-world community. where we will have police available at the police station and doctors in the hospital. You can walk into a restaurant and be served by staff. I think this makes the RP feel more real.

what we can offer you

regular doctor office / maternity clinic
police services
fire department
post office
variety of restaurants
grocery store
gas station, auto repair service
beach access,
group games and entertainment,
Drive-in movies,
mini golf course
city hall (courtroom and mediation conference room available in city hall)
veterinary service
school house
night club (featuring DeeJay Peapod, DJ Savanah, and DJ Kay)
land rental/sale
gacha resale shop

breedable pet shop
Cailey’s castle kids shop.
and more….

we also offer community support.

we are accepting applicants for all roles.
we would love to sell some land to farmers and start a farmers’ market where our community members can craft dishes to feed their families.

we are a perfect community for those that have never joined a community, a family or have never RP’ed before. you can RP at the level you are comfortable with. if you like to para-RP, then bring it on, however if you are new to RP its ok too. we will work with you help you when you need help.


We understand everyone has an off or bad days. but please try not to take out your frustrations out on others.

no grieving/trolling

do not come here intending to harass or bully anyone in the community or visiting the land.

vampires’ demons and all other creature who need to feed on the blood or flesh of others are not allowed to bite anyone unless that person has agreed and allowed it.

please keep adult activity to your home and not public areas. this is a family friendly environment.

anyone found violating these rules will be asked to leave. if the behavior continues to be a problem you will be blocked from the land.

please let’s keep this place a peaceful place where people enjoy.

to apply please fill out a notecard answering the questions below and send to Carlene Christenson or Lylabug Resident. We look forward to meeting you. If you would like info on renting a shop space on our sim contact Carlene Christenson.

————————–NOTECARD APLICATION FOR (or should we have no application?)

(just some ideas to help weed out toxic people)

Avatar Name:

occupation if any:

What are you here for?

• Would you want to buy land?

• Would you like to rent a home?

• Would you like to join our community?

• would you like to join our township RP?

why do you want to join our community/ township?

What makes you an ideal candidate for our community?

Do you have any special skills or want to take on a roll in one of the town businesses?

Will you be living on cherished land or elsewhere?

What is your RP level? Are you an experiences RP’er or are you just starting out?

our community is about helping others without judgment, if you notice someone is upset about something whether you know then or not but can tell they need help would you walk away and say it’s not your problem or would you offer to help the stranger?

say you are in a para-rp and someone joins in the rp who obviously is new and only giving short 1-3 word responses would you tell them to leave your rp because they aren’t doing it right or would you accept them into the rp letting then rp at their level?

Do you have any issues with Furries, child avatars, or any other species?


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