cinphul // bwbw [Pride Festival gift @ TWS] – GIFT

cinphul // bwbw [Pride Festival gift @ TWS] – GIFT


This is dedicated to my little sister who logged onto SL once, saw the UI and said fuck this shit and never looked back. …and as much as I would hate to admit it also dedicated to my 1st ex.

However my sister is the reason I started cross rigging and what not fem stuff across various bodies.

Anyway I had a long thing planned to say about this but all you need to know is butterflies are about changing into a more beautiful you and when they say a butterfly flapping it’s wings causes a typhoon on the other side of the planet it can be legit.

My 1st lover who came out as a transwoman (I’m talking like way back) but was a blip in my life history was the primary spark that gave my sister the courage to also come out several years later, and now she is the little princess of our family.

Although it took a bit of adjusting for our mother we’re all pretty fucking proud in this Middle Eastern house. Her change brought us all a lot closer and we all speak regularly now more than we have in my entire life.

When you are loud and proud, it does affect others so whoever needs to hear this, never be ashamed of who you are, you are meaningful to someone out there when they don’t even know it yet.

p.s. Thank you Alex for helping point out my head from my ass with this design <3