AERTH. Quetza tattoo – GIFT

AERTH. Quetza tattoo – GIFT


New Group gifts @Mainstore [AERTH] Quetza tattoo
Got two new group gifts at the mainstore! Hope you’ll enjoy them 🙂 one of the gifts is this tattoo, the other one is another face tattoo, come and check it out!
I made the tattoo originally for my Quetzalcoatl (Sky Snek) Character, but I decided to give it out as a gift, maybe you can make your own sky snake or maybe it is a neat addition for your skin.

Ps: the eyeshadows are not included in the set. The one I am wearing is by broadwing, which you can get at fantasy faire. I don’t hecking know which one suzu is wearing, please ask her.
The ears are by aii! Her new group gift, go and check them out too, they are great! They are BoM and bento. And they wiggle all cute. The earrings wiggle too.