[WAZ] Anorak Jacket – NEW MEN

[WAZ] Anorak Jacket – NEW MEN


Available April 5th @ The Men’s Department

Toggle Hood Up/Down. (Works best with LeLUTKA Mesh Heads, some restrictions apply to head movement)
Designed for Signature Geralt, Gianni, Legacy Male, Belleza Jake and Slink Male.
Requires purchase of “Base” product (without textures) AND Applier HUD (Sold Separate) for textures.
Texture Applier HUDs are $199 each and save on packs/Fatpack.

Available in:

  • 7 available Standard Colors
    Black, Grey, Olive, Tan, Red, Blue & Yellow.
  • 7 available Glossy Colors
    Black, Grey, Orange, Green, Red, Blue & Yellow.
    COMBO Pack includes both BASE & Fatpack Applier.
    FATPACK applier includes all standard & glossy colors.
    (Limited Edition models are not included in any Combo or Fatpacks)


  • 11 Arm Patches (4 USA, 1 Texas, 1 UK, 1 France, 1 Canada, 1 Police, 1 Sheriff & 1 Medic.
    Custom patches may be applied using the included Template/Guide and applied via the included HUD through UUID.
    Patch can be toggled on/off.
    Compatible with most of our pants*

Save some dollar bills by purchasing the Fatpack(s).
Be sure to try out our demo to sample colors/patterns before you buy.
*Some pants may fit better than others, minor clipping may occur.



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