[WAZ] Ballistic Gasmask & Helmet (NEW @ TMD) – NEW MEN

[WAZ] Ballistic Gasmask & Helmet (NEW @ TMD) – NEW MEN


[WAZ] Ballistic Gasmask & Helmet (NEW @ TMD)
Gasmask & Helmet Sold Separately.
Available Now @ The Men’s Department
UNISEX ITEMS (Adjustable)
Unrigged mesh.
Fatpack includes all colors/features of the product. More colors/features being added in the future (thanks for being patient with us)
Adjustable via included HUD, delete scripts to modify further (be sure to backup your item before deleting scripts).
Edit via mod perms: Right click the item while wearing and toggled “Edit Linked”, select the mesh and scale it to your avatars head.



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