[ContraptioN] @ ANTHEM JAN 2021 – NEW DECOR

[ContraptioN] @ ANTHEM JAN 2021 – NEW DECOR


“The planets and stars are writers of our lives; where they stand dictates where our lives will stand.” – The Gazer
We’ve been taking a break over the holidays and fell way behind on some duties while 2020 writhes in its death throes to try and kill us with various trials and tribulations, but we’re hoping to get back on our feet soon.
So to begin: our first release for 2021 is also our first round at ANTHEM, invited for a fantastic theme that perfectly fits with our interests. For this round we start with a creation made by yours truly, Walton F. Wainwright (Faust.Steamer) with a call back to the Aetherpunk Engine Room build in style: Ode to Orias!
Made from scratch and constructed to represent our very own solar system, the Ode to Orias is a gazebo standing at 11.6m x 11.6m x 9.5m. This large structure is also only a low 27 land impact with custom LODs!
Not only that, but this gazebo features a functional orrery of our 8 planets in our solar system with the guest appearance of underdog favourite Pluto, all rotating around the Sun, which acts as a little light source. To add, we all love our small touches of detail, so instead of just having random rotating planets, our miniature solar system is rotating at correct orbital periods, sped up so you can see it in action and witness how the planets behave.



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