Les Memoires Cozy Bed Set – NEW DECOR

Les Memoires Cozy Bed Set  – NEW DECOR


Exclusive at UBER
Opens today just before midnight!
The holiday season always involves so much activity, from shopping, baking and entertaining, that at the end of the day all you want to do is crawl into bed to relax and sleep. We are very happy to bring you a new addition to the Les Memoires Collection with this new “Cozy Bed”.
The base, head and foot board made from wicker offers a natural look to enhance any bedroom. The fluffiest pillows and duvet is what makes this bed stand out. The bed also provides ten color options for the geometric textured pattern in the mattress, sheet, duvet and pillows. The array of colors available are sure to fit any bedroom theme. Two rugs in a neutral color completes this set.
Makes for the perfect gift for family, friends or yourself.
We hope you enjoy our newest collection.
Available PG – ADULT
**Les Memoires Cozy Bed **

n° 26 single Sit
n° 25 Cuddle couple animations
n° 4 Couple sleep

n° 26 single Sit
n° 25 Cuddle couple animations
n° 4 Couple sleep
n° 55 Adult Couple animations
n° 5 Adult Couple animations FF
n° 3 Adult Couple animations MM

Change texture by Hud
Mix & Match to create your personalized Cozy Bed!

The security level can then be changed by the owner in the [ADJUST] menu, with separate options for both “Sit” and “Menu” access. Options are ALL, OWNER or GROUP.
c/m (scripts & animations are not mod)
lI 17
**Les Memoires Bedside rugs **

2 shapes
l.i. 1/2 each c/m
Les Memoires Cozy Bed Set
Include Bed + Bedside Rugs
Available PG / ADULT
These products are 100% original mesh.



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