Our #MEMOIRISTS!! We are back!!
We are so ecstatic to debut our MEMOIRE Lori Gacha set now exclusively available at Epiphany this December round!
The Lori (L.O.R.I) Gacha collection consists of various mixes of high fashion apparel and street wear accessories and prints to make the luxury, exotic theme come alive! Diamond and poodles galore!!!
As you see displayed in the key there are TWO gacha machines:

Machine #001 (can be found in the M section) : consists of the clothing, backdrops, and common themes items for the whole collection.
All clothing items are rigged to Hourglass, Lara Regular and Petite, Freya, Legacy Regular and Perky, and Inithium Kupra!!

Machine #002 (can be found in the L section next to Loki): This machine consist of all of the colorways/options for the poodle we have made for this round. We have made a luxurious poodle made for decor and or where this round. The common items consist of the Decor enabled poodles well the rare option consists of an AO friendly pose enabled dog bundle where you will not only get five different post poodles with the leash on them you will also get a color HUD to enter change the colors!
Epiphany is now OPEN for everyone! There are two sims you can go to; the Regular or the Mirror Sim!
Until next time lovelies,




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