Concert Live Paris Obscur – SHOW

Concert Live Paris Obscur – SHOW

Date : Saturday 28th November Time : 12 pm slt to 2 pm slt

Paris Obscur free live show !!

Simultaneously on the webradio and in Second Life !

All audiences during the first hour – public adult

250 places in SL (2 private sims) & 750 places on the webradio

Why such an event ?
To celebrate with the audience 10 years of artistic expression
Because culture din’t die with coronavirus
Because live shows don”t only happen in physical venues
Because too many people suffer from loneliness and gloominess
Because multiple sclerosis, that touches me directly, must be fought


I am a very lucky man. I have a wonderful life, I am surrounded with love and in a decently good health condition. Above all, I’m driven by an urge to live that I must share with all the ones who didn’t receive as much as I did in their lifes.

To all, I want to give. I want to inspire. I want to show that life is beautiful, that life can be so deep. That feelings make it more intense and deeper.

Are you ready to really feel alive ? Can you laugh, scream, feel the burning pain and anger inside you, channel it and start again ? Join us in SL or visit the webradio at the T time, play the stream, close your eyes, and let yourself go. Beware, there is no coming-back. Are you courageous enough to dare ?

Are you feeling as lucky as I am ? The be there and show your support. Are you feeling lonely and miserable ? Join us and hold my hand. In all cases, share this document around you, invite your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors…

” Invite everyone willing to give or needing to receive. “

Thank you for your support.

Paris Obscur

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