cinphul // wolfbane [claw + sword]– SALE


cinphul // wolfbane [claw + sword] @ the Warehouse Sale

Now available at The Warehouse Sale for 50% off for the duration of the event! Rigged for several male and female bodies and comes with a texture hud. This is inspired by the novel Archfiend by Nocturnal Stranger《最强妖孽》厄夜怪客 which you can read here.

!! Spoilers Below !!

Specifically this was inspired by the Ketu/Rahu sword the MC Xu Yangyi obtained after much hardship (losing his left arm in an expedition) by going to a master artificer with a few treasures (broken Heaven sword tip, 3 leaves soaked in the blood of Quetzalcoatl, and Nuwa’s Heavenmend stone as well as the remains of a demon and another morphed dagger all smelted together at 20,000 °C for a couple of months with the flame of a 9 tailed fox fire spirit).

My actual work doesn’t come nearly as detailed but it’s enough for me to quell my crush for now. Congratulations now you all know what a nerd I am.


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