Challenge -Hobbies and Work – BLOG

Luna Banana

Thanks a lot to Elise Mersereau to nominate me for this challenge…
yeah i try to make an avie who looks like me rl but it’s not easy when you have a head like me :p
So, who am i in RL? Let me introduce myself 😡
In first, why do i have a toy in my hand? No I am not a compulsive wanker, I am just a representative in adult toys.
The two little monsters represent my two little boys who are 2 and 5 years old, they are the biggest part of my life.
You will also be able to observe my little rabbit Lily which I acquired a short time ago.
And lastly, my computer on which I spend a lot of time and without whom I would never have met great love and all of you :p
If you are tagged in this, please play the game :p


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