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Darkstar’s Speakeasy

Darkstar’s Speakeasy:: Voice Lounge & Hangout:: (ADULTS ONLY) Owned by a Lovely U.S. Veteran: Jessikadarkstar 18+, LGBT+, D/s, BDSM, DD/bbg Friendly Scifi, SteamPunk, Classy 1920s Themed Environment What is Darkstar’s Speakeasy? It’s a smorgasbord for Geeks who love walking the edge of the Dark side. We are for people who love and enjoy: a bit of Sci-fi, a bit of BDSM, and everything else deliciously deviant. Wanna play where the universes collide? Then come play with us at Darkstar’s, where every oddity has it’s place Come Join us on….
★ Monday = Metal/Rock Be Prepared to Rock your hearts out & Mosh til you Drop!
★ Tuesday = Game Night We Encourage you to come hang out and voice with us! We want to make real friends. Not just take your $$. *DJS may come and take over the airwaves*
★ Wednesday = Cyber-Wired-Electronica Industrial, Electric Dance Music, Vaporwave, Synthpop trap, Live Mix, Noize, Electro Swing, EBM, etc…
★ Thursday = Open Mic/Live Entertainment We are seeking people interested in voice hosting the OPEN MIC events such as Poetry Slams, Stand Up, Karaoke, Story Telling, playing a musical instrument, etc…
★ Friday = Underground Music Underground Music….LIGHT UP the floor with those unknown Artist and make them known to the world Any Underground Genre will do: Industrial, Goth, Hip Hop, etc..
★ Saturday = 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s & Not Today! We are Seeking the Best DJs to spin Any Genre from these time periods!! So bring on the Noize, Hip Hop, Pop, Reggae, whatever….
★ Sunday = Naughty & Sinful The Tunes that get you wet or hard…maybe even both. Coming soon: Zowie’s Erotic Story-Time, Kink or Tell


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