Artemis Boots ♥ – NEW


Phedora for Cupid Inc. ~ “Artemis” Boots ♥

Phedora. for Cupid and Santa Inc. by Novel EventsGet your bow, sharpen your arrows , put your phedora boots on and you are ready to take Cupid’s place..Or you can just go to Cupid Event and grab our brand new and sexy “Artemis” boots that come in a 25 colors fatpack, a 6 Colors Pastel Minipack and a Megapack (items sold separately),100% ORIGINAL MESH,Parts Individually Changeable,5 metallic options, Rigged for Slink Hourglass,LEGACY, Belleza Isis & Freya & Maitreya!❥See you there!❥You can buy them for you or you can play Cupid and gift them to someone, anonymously or not! 😉 <3