“Sweet Kisses Fair” – Hunt Round 3 [ALL 25L$] – December 2019

Start Date: December 12, 2019 – End Date: December 25, 2020

We invite you to visit our event 💋Sweet Kisses Hunt💋 ▪ In this Hunt round accepts participation: 💋 Amataria, Pink Beauty, CLOTH, MoRnemiR, Pleasure Fair 💋 ▪ Rabbit color for each store may be different. The Christmas tour of our event will be held on 12th – 25th December ▪ Store PinkBeauty grant You: – 2 versions of lingerie, and dresses with several variations of tint. – Also, there are two versions of eyelashes in two pairs for GENUS. – And most IMPORTANTLY, the store provides you with THE first skin for the updated version of body skins in three tints. Body skins are sold at a discount until the 13th in the store!