Victor Portrait – NEW Men


Out now at Uber LOGO has released this dashing new mature male head – VICTOR.

The idea for this head came about while filming a profile piece about myself and LOGO for Linden Lab. The series is called Fashion Made In Second Life and you can see the episode here

There’s a bit of behind the scenes footage of the creation of this head so be sure to check it out!

Like all our heads Victor comes with skins, facial hair and lots of other options. For Victor I’ve also included a de-aged version of the skin which installs into the tattoo layer. Using the tattoo fade slider you can control how much you want to see the wrinkles. Find whatever balance is right for you!

Available now at Uber at a special promo price bundled with the LOGO HUDs. A demo is also available in the LOGO store so you don’t have to get into Uber to try him out.