Voodoo Doll set – Gacha


E.A.Studio New Release
Gacha Voodoo Doll set For Man and Woman
This ithem expose in kinky Start 28Th November
The vendor is supplied with two boxes for the purchase, one only for man, one only for woman
Only in the Ultrarare and Rare versions and including hud
Versions of the mouth doll include only the resize.
The Ultrarare version of the bag includes an adaptable Fitting ( a adapts to all types of bodies ) is includes the Unrigged version, the unrigged version contains AXIS Resize (to adjust your shape click on the unrigged model bag)
100% originally Made Mesh and Textures.
♦ Only for Ultrarare and Rare
♦ 2 Tipe Metal Textures ( Indipendent Texturing)
♦ 8 Fabric Texture for Body Doll
♦ 6 Fabric Texture for Leather necklaces
♦ 8 Stone for spill
♦ 5 Button for Doll
♦ 4 Stitch Fabric texture
♦ 8 Heart Fabric texture
♦ 6 String Leather Texture
♦ Full bright ON / OFF
♦ Resize AXIS
♦ Model are: Mod Edit By Hud – No Copy – Trasfer