[ Poison Craft ] – Club

Gothic Glam Alternative Scene Club For ALL who are Misfits who cant seem to find there place and feel different in those Bubble gum pop clubs.

We are here for those Black lipstick wearing, Tattoo loving , Latex fetish feeling Bad ass women that want to make REAL money!!

We are BDSM Positive, LBGTQ+ Friendly Club. We take in WOMEN all types of women. From LGBTQ + To those pink loving sexy girls next door.

Bc even they can feel outcasts. WE WANT YOU. We want to show Misfits are sexy or even sexier. Every Week is a new theme, from scream Queens, To “How wet” are you. We take even the non experience as we have classes and other benifits for our staff! [hallowing costume contest on eve of halloween 30th 7pm slt]