andika [Beer Dispenser set] – New Decor


Party People Fair that begins on Jun 1th~*andika[Beer-Fuckin’A]Despenser *andika[Beer-Lit Up]Despenser *andika[Beer-Gotch]Despenser ****each 2bento animation ******touching lemon → Resizer □FaQ [I stopped posing.] *Touching the bottle brings up a dialog* For Her For Him ****Left arm left shoulder left wrist Left finger is fixed with bento animation. Even if you use it with your own AO, there is probably no problem. andika[Beer-Fuckin’A]decor-1Li andika[Beer-Lit Up]decor-1Li andika[Beer-Gotch]-decor-1Li andika[Beer Bowl]-decor-2Li andika[cut lemon plate]decor-1Li andika[Lemon plate]decor-2Li **Copy/Resizer for each